Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17 ... Random acts of gratitude...

Good morning. Today began with a perfect cup of coffee from the wonderful Mooka. May have sounded like a spaceship taking off (I have no idea why) but it produced the perfect foam and coffee! Yum! I love those days! And, as you well know by now, it being Wednesday it's Princess Day. So what's on the agenda? Clay! I'm leaving to the atelier after writing.

So just in that short introduction I find a wealth of gratitude. Princess Days being what they are ... make me very happy, and I am eternally grateful that my life/work balance allows for them. Can you say "necessity"? Also, in my great wisdom, I haven't booked this day - or most Wednesdays - full of other things to do. I am grateful for that too. Finally, that I actually have the atelier to go to, to work on my "lampions", thrills me to no end. And when I go, I know I will be warmly embraced and welcomed by my dear friend Christiane, I know we will chat and laugh. I know we will probably go have a nice little lunch together. And if we go where I hope we do .. I know I will buy one of those newborn baby outfits to send to young pregnant daughter... And then, and then later this afternoon, if my hip permits, I am going for a swim.

Now I ask you... how on earth could I not be grateful???

Today was easy :-). How many random acts of gratitude can you count today?

Warm heart to you all.

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