Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7 ... Dialogues between daughters and mothers.....

Before I begin... what a great day! Beautiful blue skies, wonderful walk on the mountain again! An intense swim at the gym, a delicious soak in the tub... and soon a lovely pasta dinner. As if that wasn't enough to be grateful for ....

I know I have already mentioned the fact that my middle child wants to write a book with me. At the moment the working title is: How we got here: Dialogues between a mother and daughter. As part of this project we are mailing "letters" to each other, letters from our perspectives "then" and "now". My daughter worries she will offend me, hurt me .. when I want her to know .. nothing could be more freeing, more inspiring, than how we are sharing our real stories. If this idea ends up only flowering between her and I, it will be a gift beyond all gifts.

My daughter, determined to follow in my foot steps, has travelled a hard road. I have prayed and hoped and waited .. and voila, here she is. And voila, here I am ready to be with her. What a joy. What a wonderful gift. What gratitude!

Going forward, we will probably be sharing some of this writing so stay tuned.

I'm grateful for the journey we have had. We are both strong women now. We understand each other. We can openly love each other, disagree, agree, play, question, revisit our past to help each other heal! Much to be grateful for.

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