Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2 ... Like a Fish

Good day to all. It's a gorgeous day here in sunny Montreal. My work load was very light today. I love getting gifts like that from the therapy Gods. Almost like a Princess Day.

So I joined the gym and the first thing I did was swim for a half hour! Yay!! Having been raised on the waters of lovely lake Winnetou, and early on being dubbed a water-baby - oh my, it sure did the heart good to swim! I miss that.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the trainer who will show me the ropes at the gym, and the weights, and the machines... yikes! I'm sure I'll be fine, not anything new.

I'm grateful that I can do this. I am grateful I have the means to do this. I am grateful my body is cooperating, flexible, limber, and feeling good.

Time for a nap :-)..

Happy Day everyone.

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