Friday, February 12, 2010

February 12 ... plans

Hi there. I am very excited. Honey's birthday trip to Ireland this summer is booked!!! Talk about being grateful! We will be cycling the west coast of Ireland... I have to tell you, I can hardly believe it! Much to be grateful for.

I was also chatting with my lovely youngest daughter. She is six months pregnant with her first baby - it will be a boy. She is happy and healthy, and finally, after a rough start feeling good. We were talking about plans for a visit, mine there, hers here. I can't wait. Much to be grateful for there.

Spoke to her sister. She is doing awesome, as is her son... I will shortly have two grandsons! Holy cow... when did all that happen?? Ya, Ya... Im grateful, getting old but grateful all the same! :-)

Spoke to my son, he is coming for a visit soon, we are looking forward to sharing a meal together ... I love it when the stars align for the mother in me. It's been tough - and when these moments happen when there is love and understanding going around, I truly feel blessed, and grateful.

Life is good don't ya think?

Oh and, as if all that wasn't enough, I am being courted this evening. Honey is taking me to a new, interesting restaurant. What do you call that - a Raw Bar? Oysters, crabs, and fully loaded Ceasars :-) woo hoo! I feel like a princess!!

Big, deep breath.... ahhhh... I feel very grateful. See you tomorrow!

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