Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18 ... power and naps...

So I got a new phone about a month ago. Got sucked into the BlackBerry vortex. Funny, I feel a a certain sense of shame sharing that. And all this after having gotten firmly and deeply sucked into the Facebook vortex. I am after all your average Joe-ess consumer, God help me.

So ya, this new phone. No one mentioned the fact that I was switching plans in mid-plan-billing-bullshit-cycle. And apparently Bell Canada - the nice folks sponsoring the Olympics (just so we're all sure who I am talking about) have a fantastic mathematical program/scheme/bullshit/formula .. ya ya formula, to figure out how to screw, oops sorry, charge you for whatever, when you do the mid-plan change thing. So I get a bill this month that is fully three times higher than any bill I ever got before. All of a sudden I spoke for three hundred and fifty minutes more than I ever have before. Am I speaking to someone do you think when I am playing Suduko on my phone? Or the brick breaker game? Cause that I would understand then.

Anyhow... so I went and battled with the giant. And while I didn't win all the trophies, I did win a sizable one! And while engaging with this idiotic company - from the two by four of a brain on the other end of the phone (twice!!), or their non-functioning website, or the other two by four of a brain manning the chat lines on their website, and after all that I popped a little gasket I think, I am happy to report ... I am very grateful that a young man named Kyle, who sold me the BB in the first place, took care of the problem and went to bat for me. And I am very grateful that I did indeed get a good enough portion of the charge reduced. So there... despite all that frustration, I am grateful.

On another note... I am really very grateful that my back has improved tremendously over the last 24 hours and see the possibility of going for a swim or some gym time tomorrow for sure. For now... I suppose its all the healing going on ... I find myself needing a nap before going to work. I am grateful that I have the time to do that. Grateful that I am feeling so much better.

What are you grateful for today?

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