Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23 ... the smarts

So here I am... February 23, I have been blogging for 53 days now!

At the moment I am deep into concentrating on this database project I have returned to, using Access. I love challenging myself to learn new things. I love coming up against my stubborn streak - I have a huge manual on my lap (thank you Honey) .. yet I will still "waste" tons of time "trying" different things before "giving up", reading the book, and doing it right! But it's fun!!

I am really grateful for how smart I am. I was well into my twenties before I understood that. Sadly, up until then I was always told the contrary. Europeans have a terrible and grating way of using the word "idiot" - "eejut" ... when that is what you are called, you grow up thinking a certain way about yourself. Well I can tell you all, that is one thing I have certainly overcome! I love how smart I am, love using my brain, am a learning junkie.. and all because to me it's fun. It's fun to solve problems, it's fun to learn something new... my last official class was neuropsychobiology ... (I think) .. fascinating!!! And I love that about my profession, that it is an actual requirement that I continue learning. Yay me!

Ok .. back to understanding how to create relationships between database tables... yikes!

I am grateful, I feel grateful.... how about you? What are you grateful for today?

Oh big PS... Clapton and Beck were terrific!!! My favourites were Moon River (believe it or not!!) and Puccini's Nessun Dorma (believe it or not - crazy!!!).

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