Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5 ... Simple Pleasures..

Hi everyone. Happy Day to you all.

I am feeling happy, free of pain, relaxed, anticipating Honey getting home and sharing a nice glass of wine together. We will then cook our dinner together, and relax. I know he needs this. It's been a rather heavy week for him, for both of us I guess, but more so for him. He sent me a gratitude text this morning. He wrote he was grateful that I was there for him, that I encouraged him to come to the Garrison Keillor show last night (excellent by the way!), that we took the time out to do something besides work and worry. Maybe we should do that more often?!

I'm grateful for the wonderful comfort of my home, I sometimes feel embraced by it. I'm grateful for my Honey, our life together. I'm grateful for this most lovely little bag of fat-reduced chips (ya ya) I'm munching on! :-)

Simple things. Much gratitude...

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