Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 10 - Spa Wednesday and then some...

Hey everyone... are you pondering what you're grateful for? I am.. it's a nice feeling. Today is Wednesday, my usual Spa or Princess Day as I like to call them. So what did I do for myself today? Well I had a huge workout at the Y with my trainer. I can barely move, and I'm grateful! I am pleased and proud to be taking care of myself. I know it's hard to take time for myself, Honey are you listening. We have to though, don't we? We have to extend ourselves, we have to engage with the world, I am grateful that I can and do.

I am also grateful to be reconnecting with my son. We have been through a dark passage together and are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm grateful that he is back in my life, back in my thoughts and daily experience of things. I still believe he will do good things, big things, make a good life for himself. He has shown a lot of courage taking the risks he has, persevering as he has. Might be something for others to learn from. I'm not sure.

I am feeling very grateful.

I am also grateful for my friendship with dear Andrea. It's her birthday today, she is getting stronger and more beautiful every year. Andrea and I have known each other since we have been four I think - something like that, giving her the title of my oldest, longest friend. I love Andrea. I will always love Andrea. We have a shared history, a shared story, shared motherhood, shared divorce, shared great second relationships.. sometimes it's strange how much our lives have paralleled each other. And there are these wonderful moments where we reconnect, talk on the phone, even better when she comes out East and we spend time together - it's easy, it's comfortable, it's right. I am grateful.

So, friendship, family, self-care.... good day. I'm grateful .. how about you?

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