Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21 .. appreciating beauty..

Hi everyone. I'm excited about my attitude of gratitude! Are you?

Our day began with an hour and a half walk on the mountain. What a glorious day. GLORIOUS!!! Warm enough, sunny as can be, lots of birds singing - just beautiful. And given we have had a nice falling of snow over the last few days it was just spectacular up there today. Loveliness!!

Then, Honey took me to see the Tiffany Exhibit at the Museum. Holy Cow ... to see such beautiful things, walking around with a permanent smile on your face, Mr. Tiffany's use of colour, yum yum and yum. I also rented the headset and was treated to wonderful music to go along with the things of beauty I was looking at. What an uplifting and lovely experience. Some of the vases, tiny little things, looking seductive and sensual, peacock feathers, dragon flies, oh my just gorgeous. Lots of candy for my tired old brain - and a definite must on our to-do list - go look at more beautiful things!!! It's good for you! Me! Us! Next week I am hoping to catch the Van Gogh show at the IMAX.

And then I came home, and cousin Z posted a link to images of the Olympics.. beautiful! What great, great shots. Here, go have a peek if you're not to Olympicked out already .. they're fabulous. I especially like number 35 :-) ..

Take some time, treat your brain...

I am very grateful for all the beauty in my life.

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