Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13 ... life lessons...

Good day to you. Are you feeling grateful? What about? Do you think it's possible to just be grateful period? I do.. but I like the act of paying attention to stuff and considering my gratitude for it anyway... it's becoming a kind of meditation I think.

Last night was lovely. Sort of... seems having a Bloody Caesar and then a pint of beer on an empty stomach might not be the best thing in the world for staying sane. It got worse. I think. So I'm told. Sigh.... sorry Honey. So on that note, I'm grateful as can be that I didn't have too much to do today! I went to clay, am building the "feet" to my "lampions". Nice, easy, relaxing, with my dearest of friends. Ahhh... gratitude.

I then got a call from my best buddy. She is going through hard, hard times with one of her boys. Heartbreaking, gut wrenching, watching your children stumble and fall, make choices with dire consequences. It sucks the life out of you. I know, I've been there. Oh my am I grateful for how my story turned out. I can only pray she is as lucky as me and her son as lucky and strong and determined as my daughter. I am grateful my friend is waking up to her role as enabler. Grateful she is taking responsibility for it. It's the only way things will change. I am grateful for her friendship. I am grateful I can be there for her.

Life sure teaches us some big ass lessons sometimes doesn't it? And to persevere, grow and find your gratitude I think my friends, is what it's all about.

Peace to you.

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