Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20 .. Some days everything is funny!

Hi lovely people. How are you today? Joyful? Grateful? I'm all that today...

As a new blogger, I have been reading other blogs - I use the "dashboard" and check out the "Blogs of Note" .. and I have found some pretty good and funny ones. Some people have some darned funny stuff to say.

Have a peek at Erin O'Brien's blog.. while she is very funny, her followers post some of the funniest stuff around... ... go read... I had a major howl this morning.

Another very funny writer: That's all I will regale you with today.

I have had a lovely morning with Honey. We have been laughing a lot. I love days like that! So here we were moments ago, me downstairs blogging, he upstairs in his office... he was on Facebook - and here we were chatting! Too funny.

I see my daughter on line, I want to say Hola! Instead it comes out Hole! Hope she's not offended! :-)...

I am grateful for joyfulness, humour, a hearty laugh. If you have something funny to share - do so! You will feel better, and your gift will grow!

Happy day everyone!

Happy Birthday to my awesome niece Victoria!!!! xoxo

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