Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16 ... I'm late!

Hi everyone! Have you had a chance to ponder what you are grateful for? I am doing so now ... day kind of snuck away on me!

So.. had a visit with my son and his lovely girlfriend. Oh my, they are talking marriage and babies... not planning or anything but talking! Imagine, family expanding again! That's lovely to see and hear.

On the phone with young pregnant daughter. She is feeling good, sounds happy .. that's nice given her difficult journey. We're having "shopping for baby" talks - yummy!

Middle daughter called, she is doing well, standing tall and strong, happy.

I'm really grateful for all that.

My back is not great, but the massage I had helped immensely. Should be even better tomorrow. Oh and by the way, the muscle relaxants are not too bad either. :)

I am very grateful.

Be well and peace to you.

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