Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24 ... Princess Wednesdays and then some

Princess Wednesday everyone!! What are you doing to pamper yourself today? What are you doing for YOU?

So far today I have had a great workout with trainer-dude. One session more and our relationship is over and my fitness becomes fully my responsibility! Well I'm proud of what I have done with him so far. I am very grateful that my back and body cooperated today. I feel great. No pain. Always lots of gratitude around that. I swam for 20 minutes too and that always feels great.

On a different note, we're at that point in the winter where most of the time our response to another snowfall is usually a swear word, or ugh, or something not happy sounding. But I tell you, I am looking out my window as I write and it's just soooo pretty. It's hard to feel anything but appreciative for it. There is something about stopping and admiring nature that always makes me feel happy, connected, grateful.

And finally, for today, young pregnant daughter reached out last night, told me she had been reading my blog, said it was good to be understanding me better. She had an emotional reaction to the essays posted on the Writing Blog. She said she would be interested in reading more. I'm at once elated, thankful, yes of course grateful; and afraid, hesitant, fearful of our very delicate and shaky bond. My interpretation. I can only hope and pray we're able to stay open, continue talking, continue healing, continue learning about each other, continue maybe forgiving, or accepting, or maybe both. I'm grateful that all this possibility exists. I love you daughter. And I am ever so very grateful for your presence in my life. Always have been.

Warm heart to you all.

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