Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14 .... Motherhood...

Motherhood... my day today has revolved around motherhood. My dearest friend, a mother, is suffering. She is worried sick, scared, sad ... she feels that no one is listening. Another young woman I know, soon to be a mother, is not feeling very good. She is worried sick, scared, sad ... she feels no one is listening. While the two are a generation apart .. neither know what lies down the road. Neither feel secure. Neither are finding any gratitude in their circumstance .. today.

I have had my turn with that. At the moment, I worry about my youngest, pregnant daughter, and really, just because that's what mothers do right?, worry about their young, pregnant daughters.

I know of another mother, her son has moved away, far away, I think in a bid to establish his autonomy and independence. It certainly is time for him to do that - anyone outside the drama would say so. Yet mother is sad, clinging, trying to induce feelings of guilt in her son whether she knows it or not, because the pain of separation for her is so great. And sadly, if she actually knew what she was inflicting on her son, she would feel horrible. But that's part of the drama isn't it? Some mothers want their kids to stay around. For some of us, the relationships with our children are front and centre, and we somehow, sometimes, expect it to be the same for them - that their relationship with us is front and centre. But it can't be. Right? It just can't be that way. And that, for many a mother, is a terribly bitter pill to swallow. For some of us, separation seems impossible. If only we understood how necessary it was.

But motherhood is not only about worry and separation. I am glad to report my kids for the most part are thriving. While they have taken up their share of the worry pie, I get to relax, not have a nagging worry about them, not lose sleep, know that they are strong individuals now, capable of making choices they can benefit from. I am actually quite grateful for that.

I am grateful that my youngest avails herself of her mother's ability to listen. I am grateful my middle girl is writing our history - my memory needs the help! I am grateful that my son believes our relationship important and cherishes it.

My mother-in-law today, brought us (the kids :-)) soup and lasagna. What a treat!

Much gratitude can be found in motherhood... I am grateful.


  1. Beautiful posts. I think mother's are the most under-appreciated people in the world. We take them for granted. Thanks for celebrating them.

  2. Awe Lauren! Thanks for reading!! What a pleasure to see you here!