Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27 ... learning..

Good Saturday to you.

At the clay atelier today I struggled. The process of making those lampions is complicated. I remembered I had a lamp in the basement. It's a conical thing - and I was able to remove the orange cylinder and thereby have a stand (!) for a porcelain lampion should I succeed in making one - that large. When I do it will be amazing - because the stand comes with the contraption that holds a light bulb.. so the lampion will become a lamp shade. Well, I can tell you I didn't succeed today. I saw the whole thing buckling by the time I left. However.. all that being said... I sure did learn a lot about the process today. Christiane, the atelier "den-mother", was teaching a new student, which made her not available for my whining and questioning. I had to figure things out. And while I didn't during the process I believe I have got it now. All that struggling resulted in something good. I am grateful. I am also very excited about my next time at the atelier. Bring it on!

After the session, Christiane and I sat and talked for a while. I have mentioned before how grateful I am for our friendship. It's easy to share with her, easy to listen, easy to love. Much gratitude.

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