Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6 ... good Saturdays...

Yum, yum, yum. I love these kinds of Saturdays.... got up at nine!!! Can you imagine, not only do I not suffer from insomnia, but I am getting up at nine, delish! Had a perfect Mooka coffee, two of them actually. Honey and I went for a great walk on the mountain. It's brilliantly beautiful today, blue skies, not too terribly frigid, and just lovely. We came home and had a nice lunch. Then we went shopping at HMV. Honey got a number of gift cards for his birthday (big Thank you shout out!!) and we went and cashed in. What a treat!

Week-ends are nice for what you don't have to think about - don't you think? You can let go of work worries, bill worries, even couple worries. You can chill, relax, make like those things are not there. And now we'll indulge in some music and nice times, gentleness... are we getting old? Geez, are we? I don't think so... ah, who cares.. with the week we had, we can be gentle and relaxed! I say so!

I'm watching Honey unwrap the CD's :-) .. he looks like he's having fun. Kid in a candy store...

I'm grateful. Are you?

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