Monday, February 1, 2010

Holy Cow it's February!!!

Well look at that.. a new month! And here I am, still grateful, still writing. Let's see, what a month January was eh!? Honey's big 50, perfect coffee, beautiful weather, meaningful family exchanges, exercise (although surely never enough of that!), and an awesome niece. Not bad, not bad.

What do we look forward to in February? Days getting longer, Valentine's Day (we're going to go to a B & B, little does Honey know :)), more exercise for sure, good work, youngest daughter's pregnancy moving along, older daughter's quitting smoking continuing, golf practice with my long, lost son. Doesn't sound to shabby either.

I really like being grateful. I really like what this has brought to my life, this daily reflection. I feel stronger, happier, far more aware and conscious of my days, my self.

Nice and simple - I'm grateful.

Have a lovely day.

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