Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8 ... There were no disasters...

Hi. How was your day? Did you take a moment to ponder what there is to be grateful for? I'm glad.

I had a good day, if for no other reason than it wasn't a bad one. When Honey came home this evening, and I asked him how his day went, he reported "It was uneventful, there were no disasters." Imagine your day being measured according to disasters. I guess not having one is something to be grateful for! Disaster - big word - all relative right? I'm grateful - I can tolerate the kinds of disasters we're subjected to. I feel ashamed even calling them that.

I was planning our Ireland trip this morning. Goodness that country looks beautiful. I am very excited about our upcoming adventure. I am grateful that I have the means, the desire, and yes, the leg power (cause we're cycling!!) to do this! See how grateful I am climbing the hills and mountains of Connemara and Galway - yikes! Thankfully we have lots of time to prepare.

Well that's it for today my dear people. I'm grateful that calm waters prevail, there is no drama today, nor was there any yesterday and I don't foresee any tomorrow. I am grateful.

Be well.

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